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The seasonal shared world adventure.

Download now and & experience CODEX for FREE.

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PROLOGUE marks the first chance for gamers to enter the land of Boulder and experience CODEX in it's early stages.

Send forth your avatar and train in the ways of the Fighter, Mage, Prophet and Crafter. Inhabit hand-crafted lands featuring hundreds of quests, gather, craft and trade – establish your in-world home as we shape the first season of CODEX.



What is CODEX?


We're pleased to announce CODEX, a season based shared world adventure game developed by CORP POR. CODEX is a platform for telling epic adventures, a modern take on classic roleplaying and an MMO which changes the way we play massively multiplayer games.

What is a shared world adventure?


A shared world adventure is a massively multiplayer game which combines modern MMO adventures with classic MMO roleplaying features. We abandon absolute persistence in favor of social and shared story telling through unique and exclusive seasonal content. All great adventures must have an end.

What are seasons?


Seasons are standalone adventures which exist for a limited period of time. Each season offers new worlds to explore, content, mechanics and gameplay. Seasons present unique opportunities to earn cosmetics and limited edition rewards to develop your avatar.

What is 'Prologue'?


'Prologue' is our pre-launch season and should be considered as still in development. CODEX: Prologue offers core gameplay from levels 1 - 15. The final 5 levels and our Season specific content and will become available at full launch.

Is CODEX free to play?


CODEX is free to play upto the 5th level for all classes and players are restricted to the first zone. A purchase is required to unlock all available content through to the 15th level.

When can I play CODEX?


CODEX: Prologue will be available from August 19th and will be in active development prior to the CODEX launch. There is no confirmed release date for CODEX.

What platform is CODEX available on?


CODEX: Prologue is available exclusively via our launcher which can be downloaded here.