What is CODEX?

CODEX is an online game platform and MMO creation system. We allow players to create their own multiplayer games using our proprietary engine and our in-game World Creator.

What inspired CODEX?

Corp Por was inspired by gaming communities which have used emulation in order to regenerate and sustain diverse gameplay. Our goal is to deliver a platform to officially support gamers in these endevours.

When can I play?

Alpha access to CODEX will be available to Patreon Supporters at the Slime level. Once we reach Early Access, the game will be available via the Steam Platform in 2023.

Is CODEX a game in its own right or a game creator?

Both. CODEX will offer official worlds making use of our official scriptsets in addition to providing the toolset to build and deploy MMO scale games.

Will you distribute your official scriptsets?

Yes. All official scriptsets will be freely available to be used and modified via our Github under a non-commercial license.

How many players does CODEX support?

CODEX utilises a highly optimised multi-user engine which supports thousands of simultaneous players on a single server.

How much will it cost?

Alpha access will cost $5 a month via Patreon. Early-access launch of CODEX on the Steam platform will require a one time box price of $30 via steam.

Can we share maps?

Yes. We will share all our official maps and creators are free to share their own which are all customizable in our World Creator.

How can I learn to create worlds?

World creation is made easy via our World Creator and the modular nature of our scriptsets. Amateur creators can easily mix and match features to create content on their own custom worlds. More advanced creators will want to gain knowledge of the LUA programming language.

We will operate Discord channels available to Patreon Supporters, providing day to day community interaction, answering questions and providing guidance on developing worlds in CODEX.

How does this release differ from the previous early-access release CODEX: Prologue?

CODEX: Prologue was a formative build of CODEX published by Citadel Studios in August 2021. Prologue was strictly a commercial MMO offering and a showcase of our early work on the project. Work was ceased on Prologue in November 2021 as circumstances arose which would have ended our rights to distribute the game.

In November 2022 we finalised negotiations to purchase CODEX, allowing us to realise the full scope of the CODEX project.

How can I support CODEX?

The best way to support CODEX is via our Patreon.